Book Review: Emmanuel's Dream - The True Story of Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah

Author: Laurie Ann Thompson
Illustrator: Sean Qualls

From the Book Jacket: Born in Ghana, West Africa, with one deformed leg, he was dismissed by most people—but not by his mother, who taught him to reach for his dreams. As a boy, Emmanuel hopped to school more than two miles each way, learned to play soccer, left home at age thirteen to provide for his family, and, eventually, became a cyclist. He rode an astonishing four hundred miles across Ghana in 2001, spreading his powerful message: disability is not inability. Today, Emmanuel continues to work on behalf of the disabled. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This is the story of a young man who was once thought of as cursed and became a national hero. It is an awesome and inspiring story and I'm using all of the videos below as part of my lesson to students. Love this new find!

See the Movie Trailer Here:

Emmanuel Ofoso Yeboah ESPY Awards Presented by Oprah Winfrey:

An Update on Emmanuel Ofoso Yeboah - Super Soul Sunday:

A Link to This Book and Others You Might Find Useful:

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  1. I read this book to third and fourth graders last week and have rarely seen classes as engaged (in the library). Thank you so much for recommending it. While I knew the book (though had never read it to classes), I was not aware of the movie. After showing the trailer, I heard many students say they were going to try to see the movie. Children were very thoughtful and inspired by the story.