Book Review: What Do You Do With A Chance?

Author: Kobi Yamada
Illustrator: Mae Besom

From the Book Jacket: What do you do with a chance? Especially one that seems too big or too wild or just out of reach? Do you hold back? Do you act like you don't care? Do you let it slip away?

This is the story of some remarkable chances and the child who doesn't know quite what to do with them. But the more chances come around, the more the child's fascination grows. And then, one day, a little courage makes all the difference in the world. 

This is a story for anyone, at any age, who has ever wanted something, but was afraid of risking too much to get it. It's a story to inspire you to embrace the chances that come into your life. Because you never know when a chance, once taken, might be the one to change everything. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This is my favorite book out of this whole series. You can find so many different meanings in these books! My takeaway from this one was to be a seeker. To seek opportunities, adventures, experiences, and doors to new beginnings. When you try to make positive changes in your life it can also feel scary and cause you to be afraid. But you have to try and take the chance. When we hold back, we miss out. Brilliant!

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