Book Review: I Can Be Anything! Don't Tell Me I Can't

Author/Illustrator: Diane Dillon
Interest Level: Ages 5 and Up

From the Book Jacket: Like most girls and boys, Zoe enthusiastically embraces the wonders of our world and its infinite possibilities. "I can be anything I want to be!" she tells us, presenting herself in a range of careers. "But what if you fail?" asks a voice of doubt that attempts to undermine her confidence.

Bold and sassy, Zoe swats the voice away at every turn, declaring her certainty with a charisma that will encourage us all to silence the fears projected onto us by our world. Why can't a girl grow up to be President? Zoe can! When the voice of doubt continues, Zoe knows exactly what to say: "Go away, voice... I can be anything... but first, I have to learn to read. And don't tell me I can't!"

Award-winner Diane Dillon has created a winning character who defies anything to hold her back from achieving her goals. And the key to Zoe's future success begins when Zoe defiantly opens her book, making it clear that both confidence and reading are tools we all need to make our dreams come true.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: I'm a little blown away by the awesomeness of this book. It's like career development wrapped up with growth mindset and telling those negative voices in our head to get lost!!! Because we can be anything! I just can't recommend this one enough. This is definitely my favorite "What do you want to be when you grow up?" book out there! A big message is packed into this story. LOVE. 

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