Book Review: Buckets, Dippers, and Lids - Secrets to Your Happiness

Author: Carol McCloud
Illustrator: Glenn Zimmer

From the Book Jacket: This new book takes bucket filling and bucket dipping one step further by adding the idea that we also have an invisible lid. We "use our lid" to protect and keep the happiness in our bucket. Readers learn what gives happiness, what takes some away, and what protects it. This concrete concept helps readers of all ages grow in kindness, self-control, resilience, empathy, and forgiveness, all leading to a healthier self-concept, more positive relationships, and greater happiness. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: What a wonderful new bucket filling book! It exceeded my expectations. It is divided into three sections: Buckets, Dippers, and Lids. The "Buckets" section covers what bucket filling is and teaches the concept - a lot like her first book - Have You Filled a Bucket Today? But then the book goes into more detail in "The Dippers" section by really defining what bucket dipping is and how it's the opposite of bucket filling. My favorite part of the book is the "Lids" section. This teaches children that everyone has a lid to help protect the happiness in their bucket. So when something happens that makes you have an "ouch" feeling this is an important sign warning you to "Use your lid!" It goes on to explain the "ouch"feeling is a sign your bucket is getting dipped and it's time to use your lid. To keep your bucket full you need to stop, take a deep breath, and think. Don't dip back. I appreciated these steps and the reminder to not dip back.

If you loved her first book - Have You Filled a Bucket Today? then you will love this new version - it's more detailed and really reinforces the concept. I'm so happy to have another bucket filling resource to use with kids.

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