Book Review: Finn's Feather

Author: Rachel Noble
Illustrator: Zoey Abbott

From the Book Jacket: One day, Finn discovers an amazing white feather right on his doorstep. It's obviously from Hamish, his brother who is now an angel. He's sure of it. Finn excitedly tells his mom, but she just takes a deep breath and gives him a big hug. He also tells his teacher, who gives him a big smile. Why aren't they excited, too? The feather is amazing! Fortunately, his friend Lucas gets it. Hamish wants Finn to have fun with the feather! What follows is a grand day of fun and friendship, inspired by the best brother ever. 

Why It's on My Bookshelf:
I once heard someone say that in America we do not do a good job of talking about grief. That it is a taboo subject. I am ever so grateful when I come across books like Finn's Feather. It teaches us that a death does not have to become something we are not allowed to talk about. The spirit of a person lives on in many ways. I like how Finn still finds his brother's essence in a feather. That he knows his brother would want him to keep being happy and live his life. This is a very special book that opens doors to conversations that might be uncomfortable. 

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