Book Review: Saturday is Swimming Day

Author/Illustrator: Hyewon Yum

From the Book Jacket: I changed ever so slowly. I even went to the bathroom three times. When Mary called everyone to the pool, I was the last in line. Swimming lessons are on Saturdays, and every Saturday one little girl has a stomachache. 

She eventually gets in the pool, where her patient swim instructor, Mary, holds her while she practices her kicks. The next Saturday she gets in the pool on her own and even tries floating like a starfish. And - even better - no stomachache! Sometimes a little bravery and a lot of patience are all you need to face your fear. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Lots of kids complain of stomachaches when they are feeling fear or panic. This is a sneaky trick of anxiety. I was happy to see a picture book that talks about this symptom because it can completely shut down a child and convince them to give up. Now that I am teaching kids about their tummies and how they can be connected to nerves - I am seeing a lot more kids use coping skills to overcome those anxious moments. 

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