Book Review: One Wave at a Time - A Story About Grief and Healing

Author: Holly Thompson
Illustrator: Ashley Crowley

From the Book Jacket: After his father dies, Kai experiences all kinds of emotions: sadness, anger, fear, guilt. Sometimes they crash and mix together. Other times, there are no emotions at all—just flatness. As Kai and his family adjust to life without Dad, the waves still roll in. But with the help of friends and one another, they learn to cope—and, eventually, heal. A lyrical story about grieving for anyone encountering loss.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This is a solid resource for families experiencing a family death. I love how the book shows Kai and his family going to a grief support group with other families. He also makes a grief first aid kit and memory boxes of special belonging that were his dads. Also, the metaphor of the waves as feelings and dealing with grief is a real asset for art therapy as a tool. I highly recommend this one!

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