Book Review: The Rough Patch

Author/Illustrator: Brian Lies

From the Book Jacket: Evan and his dog do everything together. They play and read and eat. But mostly you will find them tending to Evan's extraordinary garden, where flowers and other good things flourish and reach for the sky. 

But friends don't always stay forever, and when Evan loses his, he destroys the place that meant the most to them, and creates something to match his mood. Something ugly and twisted, sad and stubborn, ragged and rough - and he likes it that way. Until one day...

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This is about healing a broken heart after the loss of a pet. Or truly after any loss you experience. During his grief process Evan experiences a very bitter anger which he takes out on his beloved garden. He slashes his garden to the ground - a representation of how he feels on the inside. Eventually a growing vine in the garden helps Evan to see that the heart can begin to heal. 

Such a heartfelt story that reminds us there is hope after a loss and we can begin to heal. Happiness is still available........ 

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