Book Review: Harrison P. Spader Personal Space Invader

Author: Christianne Jones
Illustrator: Cale Atkinson

From the Book Jacket: Harrison P. Spader sat a little too close. Shook hands a little too long. High-fived a little too hard. And hugged a little too much. Harrison P. Spader was a personal space invader. But that all changes when he learns the Space Saver rhyme: Arms out front, then out real wide. Now place your arms back by your sides. Author Christianne Jones uses humor and relatable situations to teach early learners about self awareness. This entertaining picture book in the Little Boost series will tackle a much-needed topic for teachers, parents, and librarians. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This book has been an absolute life saver this school year. We have had to do so many extra social skills lessons on personal space with our kindergarten kiddos. This was definitely a favorite and has such great concrete examples. We really wanted to teach students about their "space bubbles" so this book helped set up that lesson. And we are also now able to remind kids to not be "space invaders" thanks to the language in the story. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE!

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