Book Review: Try a Little Kindness

Author/Illustrator: Henry Cole

From the Book Jacket: In this funny picture book, bestselling illustrator Henry Cole shows kids different ways to be kind with his hysterical cartoon animal characters.

Each page features a different way to be a good person, like using proper manners, telling someone they are special, or sharing a treat! The text is accompanied by two or three related vignettes of different animals giving examples of ways to be good. And in one illustration out of each set, one animal (like a cat peering into a fishbowl!) may not be doing the best job of being kind!

The animal characters and simple text will help readers learn the importance of kindness in a fun way with lots of kid appeal. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: We talk about kindness a TON at our school as I'm sure you do too! So when I find an AWESOME book resource on this subject I get so excited - especially if it's a good one. This does not disappoint. It has concrete examples of ways to be kind and was a great introduction on helping students brainstorm ideas of ways we can make our school a kinder more positive place. Excellent! 

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