Book Review: Butterflies on the First Day of School

Author: Annie SIlvestro
Illustrator: Dream Chen

From the Book Jacket: Rosie can't wait to finally start school. She's spent hours practicing how to raise her hand, write her letters, and say her teacher's name. But when the big day arrives, Rosie finds that her belly hurts so much she can't even finish her chocolate chip pancakes! Rosie's mom tells her it's just butterflies dancing around in her stomach. Much to Rosie's surprise, when she greets a new friend on the bus, a butterfly flitters out of her mouth! By the end of the school day, will Rosie set all of her butterflies free?

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Such a great book to help kids overcome fears they might be having about the first day of school. I thought it was so smart to also introduce the concept of the feeling of "butterflies in your stomach." It can help children understand that an upset tummy because of anxiety is normal and eventually it will go away as your nerves calm. In the story, Rosie's anxiety starts to go away as her day progresses and she also meets another girl who is also experiencing butterflies. They make each other feel better by playing together and becoming friends. So happy to discover this wonderful resource. 

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