Book Review: Goodbye, School

Author: Tonya Lippert
Illustrator: Tracy Bishop

From the Book Jacket: Franny loves her school! She's had lots of fun, learned to read, played with her friends, made art, and even napped here. It's hard for Franny to say goodbye. But she must - today is her last day of school, and it's time to leave. 

Franny figures out a way to say goodbye and honor this special place. 

Includes a Reader's Note to help you guide children through periods of transition or change and acknowledge their feelings throughout the experience. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: It's really difficult to find GOOD books on this topic. We usually have a few families leave at the end of a school year due to a move or change of circumstances. This was such a helpful resource to read to the whole class not just individually. It's also important for kids who are not moving to use empathy and provide support and hope to children who are moving on. Goodbye, School helped give closure to our students in a really positive way. Will be using and recommending to teachers and parents for sure!

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