Book Review: A Normal Pig

Author/Illustrator: K-fai Steele

From the Book Jacket: Pip is a normal pig who does normal stuff: cooking, painting, and dreaming of what she'll be when she grows up. 

But one day a new pig comes to school and starts pointing out all the ways in which Pip is different. Suddenly she doesn't like any of the same things she used to...the things that made her Pip. 

This charming picture book celebrates all our differences while questioning the idea that there is only one way to be "normal."

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This is such a splendid book and I cannot wait to share it with our students. It actually reminded me a little bit of The Sandwich Shop because the hurtfulness starts with taking a dig at the food someone is eating because of cultural differences. 

Pip really internalizes the putdown and begins to believe different is weird and bad. So Pip tries to conform and be like everyone else. Luckily a trip into the city opens her eyes to see the world is very different and that's a GOOD thing. She returns to school with a new confidence and some language to stick up for herself. This one is a hit for sure!

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