Book Review: My New Mom and Me

Author/Illustrator: Renata Galindo

From the Book Jacket: My new mom does all the things that other moms do. She makes pancakes with me, pushes me on the swings, and patches me up when I fall. And even though we look different, she loves me just the way I am. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: What a wonderful book for children who are adopted or in foster care. But I also would advocate that ALL children read this book. Not all families are the same and they also don't start the same. And to take it even further - not all families look the SAME. This is a comforting book for children going through family transition but also a helpful book to kids who have not been in this experience. This is not a heavy book. It does talk about adjustment issues but it's presented in a very loving and reassuring tone. 

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