Book Review: Everyone...

Author/Illustrator: Christopher Silas Neal

From the Book Jacket: Happy one moment and sad the next - everyone has feelings. Everyone, cries, everyone laughs, everyone sings, Everyone. Author Christopher Silas Neal invites young readers to explore how we feel what we feel, and how everything -- and everyone -- feels it, too. From the animals in the woods to the neighbors in their homes nearby, everyone has feelings. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: I thought this was a wonderful book to not just talk about feelings but to recognize everyone around us shares them too. It's a great community and empathy builder also.  If you need a new one to teach feelings, the zones of regulation, or help develop empathy - this is an awesome resource. 

We also are working on helping kids to be responsible for their emotions and take good care of them. So when students are having really big feelings about something, we can remind them to use the tools we have taught them to manage their behavior. I appreciate how this book helped us with that important social skill training. 

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