Book Review: Lying Up a Storm

 Author: Julia Cook
Illustrator: Michelle Hazelwood Hyde

From the Book Jacket: Whenever Levi doesn't like the truth, he kinda, sorta makes up other stuff to say. One day his mother explains to him that telling lies will damage the trust of his friends and make him very sad. 

This book is a great resource to help children understand not only the consequences of telling a lie, by also how one lie can often lead to telling several more. It will help parents and teachers understand that lying can be a normal and sometimes healthy response for a child and offers tools to guide children toward truthfulness. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Such a great teaching book on honesty and making good choices. I also loved the line of "whenever you tell a lie, your inside sun goes away." Because you not only hurt others with dishonesty but you hurt yourself! Levi also tries to minimize his lies and make excuses as to why it's okay to not be truthful sometimes. The other message kids pick up in this book is it's okay to make mistakes - we all do. Just be honest about it and you will feel better about yourself and the mistake. 

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