Book Review: The Golden Acorn

Author/Illustrator: Katy Hudson

From the Book Jacket: Squirrel loves to win. And for the past eight years, she has won the Golden Acorn Hung - on her own. But this year the event is for teams only. Squirrel is the fastest animal in the forest, and a team will just slow her down. However, she doesn't have an option. Will Squirrel's poor attitude make her lose the race and her friends? Winning isn't everything as proven in this picture book about friendship, teamwork, and forgiveness. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: What a fantastic book about putting your friends and their feelings FIRST.....instead of having to always win and be first. This is a skill all kids need to work on and be aware of. If we are being overly competitive the results can actually be a huge loss in our lives. The loss of friendship and respect of those around you. This is the PERFECT book on competitiveness and teamwork. I highly recommend!

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