Book Review: Jacob's Room to Choose

Author: Sarah and Ian Hoffman
Illustrator: Chris Case

From the Book Jacket: What's the worst part of the day for Jacob, a boy who wears a dress to school? Using the bathroom. Jacob loves to go to class and the library. But when he tries to use the boys' bathroom, other kids mistake him for a girl and chase him out. Scared and confused, Jacob confides in his friend Sophie, a classmate, who had the same thing happen when she tried to use the girls' room. 

When Jacob and Sophie join forces with their teacher, they give everyone at their school the idea to choose which bathroom feels right for them! Jacob's Room to Choose is an empowering
book that encourages change to open (bathroom) doors everywhere and create safe spaces for all kids. The need for open access bathrooms is more urgent than ever before. This book will start meaningful discussions to spark action. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This has been a very supportive and helpful book for students at my school. It feels so great as a school counselor to be able to pull this resource off my shelf to make sure students' may use the bathroom they choose based on their own gender expression. It also helps to establish expectations of kindness and empathy from other students. It's important kids feel safe at school and once we help take down the stereotypes - these issues really start to become non-issues. 

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