Book Reviews: Fergal and the Bad Temper and Ravi's Roar

Author/Illustrator: Robert Starling

From the Book Jacket: Fergal the dragon does not like being told what to do. It's not fair! And when things aren't fair, Fergal loses his temper and snots angry fire. He feels sorry afterward, but Fergal just can't control his outbursts!

After one really fiery day, his family and friends offer him some advice to calm down. Can this dragon learn to cool it before a temper tantrum hits? A perfect choice for fiery kids everywhere!

Author/Illustrator: Tom Percival

From the Book Jacket: Meet Ravi. Ravi never minded being the smallest in his family. day, Ravi's short arms can't reach the monkey bars, he can't find anyone during hide-and-seek, AND he's too little to ride the big slide. Ravi is so mad - so FURIOUS that he becomes a ferocious, roaring TIGER!

Being a tiger is great. Tigers can do anything they want! But who wants to play with someone who won't share or behave? Ravi is about to discover something very important about voicing his feelings. 

Why They Are On My Bookshelf: I thought these were two great finds on helping kids deal with tempers. They both address how tempers can get triggered when something doesn't feel fair. And unfortunately when this behavior continues - we can find ourselves socially isolated. Both books have ways of coping with anger and show different ways to cool down. Great resources!

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