Book Review: Way Past Mad

Author: Hallee Adelman
Illustrator: Sandra de la Prada

From the Book Jacket: Keya is mad. Way past mad. The kind of mad that starts and swells and spreads like a rash. She kicks rocks and yells at her best friend and says things that hurt. Now Keya doesn't like what her mad made her do. Can she find a way past mad?

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Keya is so upset that on the way to school she takes it out on her friend Hooper. This hurts his feelings and he walks away from her. She immediately realizes how her hurt has now hurt him. Running after him she is determined to apologize and tell him why she was really upset. I loved this book because when our anger hurts people, we have the power to make it better. I highly recommend this awesome resource!

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