Book Review: STAND Series on Bullying

About This Book: Even a good kid can struggle with being a bully. Find out what Ezekiel, Blake and Sarah do when they realize their actions are hurting others. 
About This Book: Together we can take a STAND against bullying by speaking up and being kind. Lucas, Faith and Leo become heroes when they gather their friends to Stand Together Against Bullying.

About This Book: Standing up to bullies is not an easy thing to do. Miriam, Liam and Yong learn from their parents' advice how to peacefully resolve their bullying problems. 

Why They Are On My Bookshelf: This is a great three-part series that addresses bullying form multiple points of view. I do a lot of bully prevention in my school and am happy to have these books as part of my toolbox to help kids overcome bullying. Each book contains three stories with an awesome Think Talk About guide that opens the door to more critical thinking and discussion. HIghly recommend this resource!

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Book Review: My New Mom and Me

Author/Illustrator: Renata Galindo

From the Book Jacket: My new mom does all the things that other moms do. She makes pancakes with me, pushes me on the swings, and patches me up when I fall. And even though we look different, she loves me just the way I am. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: What a wonderful book for children who are adopted or in foster care. But I also would advocate that ALL children read this book. Not all families are the same and they also don't start the same. And to take it even further - not all families look the SAME. This is a comforting book for children going through family transition but also a helpful book to kids who have not been in this experience. This is not a heavy book. It does talk about adjustment issues but it's presented in a very loving and reassuring tone. 

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Book Review: Lucia Lacorte Poor Sport

Author: Christianne Jones
Illustrator: Marisa Morea

From the Book Jacket: Lucia Lacorte LOVES games, but she HATES to lose. When she loses, she stomps and screams and cries in dramatic fashion. And when she wins, it's even worse! Lucia Lacorte is a very POOR SPORT. Can anyone convince her that being a good sport is what puts the FUN in fun and games?

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This is a good story about someone who wants to win at all costs. But sadly, the cost is losing friends because no one wants to be around someone who is bragging about winning all the time. Lucia gets a taste of her own medicine when her grandpa teaches her a lesson about sportsmanship by being a poor sport when they play a game. Next year I want to really focus on sportsmanship with the kids in our school. This is a great update to my bookshelf and I will be using it as part of my rotation to teach sportsmanship skills. 

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