Book Review: Glad Monster, Sad Monster A Book About Feelings

Authors: Ed Emberley and Anne Miranda
Interest Level: Ages 3-8

About This Book: Children who lack the vocabulary to distinguish the emotions they're feeling may find some comfort in this book, which makes use of masks to unmask feelings. Each spread shows little brightly colored monsters acting out different emotions--pink monsters cut out valentines and bake cookies to express love, yellow monsters play ball and open birthday presents in the name of happiness--while a gatefold page reveals a big mask of whatever emotion is covered in that spread. The eyes and noses are punched out, so children can hold those pages up and "wear'' the mask.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: What a cute book! It's just pure fun for little kids. Learning about feelings shouldn't be boring. They jump at the chance to put the mask on and 'try on' a feeling. It's been a wonderful addition to my shelf.

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