Book Review: I Believe in Me - A Book of Affirmations

written and illustrated by Connie Bowen
Interest Level: All Ages

About This Book: Whimsical animals, characters, and angels illustrate, in full color, twenty-seven affirmations that will inspire you, the child you love, and the child within all of us.

I am wonderfully creative.
I make friends easily.
I am forgiving.
I believe in me.
I am filled with greatness.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Oh goodness, I really love this book of affirmations. You'll understand why....keep reading. Imagine helping a child bring out their authenticity. We all come into this world with a core set of unique skills, abilities, curiosities and talents. Kids who feel authentic have an optimistic attitude, a feeling that their life is precious. In the mornings, I watch kids coming down the hallways to their classrooms. Some have that tired look, others are gabbing and smiling with friends, and then I see a few sad looking faces walking down the hallway. I imagine the thoughts they might be having or what happened the evening before or even that morning. Their thoughts most likely are negative and self-defeating. Those are the very students that need help discovering their authenticity and hidden strengths. Affirmations are very healing.

I always try and keep an extra copy of I Believe in Me on my shelf. With parent permission, I like to give this book to kids who need to be built up. Our children are looking towards us as their models. Bring out their inner beauty through I Believe in Me. You will be happy it is in the company of your other self-esteem books on your shelf.

PS. The author provided a blank affirmation page for children in the back of the book. Have them write down their own affirmation. It's powerful. I also like to introduce the concept of emotional strength when I read I Believe in Me. Have them draw their emotional strength. So awesome when they connect to this idea.

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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments about "I Believe In Me". I loved reading your blog. I'm so happy that you are finding my book helpful! Love and blessings, Connie Bowen, author/illustrator

  2. Connie:

    Your book of affirmations is beautiful. I've given many copies away over the years. My favorite illustration is of the child brushing the horse. gorgeous.

    Roxanne, Books That Heal Kids