Book Review: Standing On My Own Two Feet - A Child's Affirmation of Love in the Midst of Divorce

Author: Tamara Schmitz
Interest Level: Ages 4-7

About This Book: Addison is a regular kid whose parents are going through a divorce, but he knows that no matter what happens, his parents will always love him. At home, at soccer practice, and even at tae kwon do lessons, Mom and Dad will always be there to cheer him on! The text in this beautifully illustrated picture book is inspiring for both children and parents alike, and assures kids that they will always have two parents to lean on, just as they have two strong feet to stand on.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: I'm all for the power of positive thinking. It's nourishing - especially during complicated times. Children don't have to be the victims of divorce. Standing On My Own Two Feet teaches simple lessons: that the divorce is not their fault, parents love you unconditionally, and emotional strength can be developed through positive thoughts. Kids perceive divorce completely differently than the adults in their lives. Sometimes on the outside they may look like they are going strong, but often on the inside they are muddling through. Make sure you provide access to bibliotherapy as part of their healing process. I use this one quite a bit.  

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