Book Review: Manners on the School Bus (Way to Be! Manners Series)

Author: Amanda Doering Tourville
Interest Level: PreK - Grade 2

What should you say to the bus driver? Find out how good manners make bus rides pleasant for everyone.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Okay, listen up...the honeymoon is over...I repeat...the honeymoon is over. Those of you who work in education know exactly what I'm talking about. Yep, the dreaded bus referrals are here. So I've decided to get proactive this school year. And of course, I can't do that without a trusty book!

Manners on the School Bus has been making its rounds with me to the K-2 grades. Here's what's really cool - the students LOVED learning and reading about good manners and behavior on the bus! The skills modeled in the book are concrete which I love. It shows behaviors like kids sitting safely in their seats, keeping their hands to themselves, and showing respect to each other. Each page ends with a repetitive phrase about good manners. The kids started saying the phrases with me as we read. It's so much more interesting for students (and myself) to talk about bus rules and safety in a way that doesn't come across like some professional lecture. I also jazz up the skills being taught with fun role plays. So next time a referral comes rolling in....if it's a K-2 student they will be re-reading this story with me. I've already had a student on their way off the bus say, "I am having good manners, Mrs. D." A good social skills book strikes again!

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