Book Review: Tallulah's Tutu

Author: Marilyn Singer
Illustrator: Alexandra Boiger
Interest Level: Ages 4-8
From the Publisher: Activity Kit

From the Book Jacket: Tallulah just knew she could be a great ballerina, if only she had a tutu. So she starts ballet class. But she does NOT get a tutu! Is it still somewhere in Paris? Did the delivery truck break down in New Jersey? Will she EVER get her tutu? Or could it be that ballet is about more than what you wear?

Why It's On My Bookshelf: By the look of the cover it might appear this is a book for little girls. But it was just as appealing to the boy students when I read it because of the universal message. This is a great story about learning and understanding patience. It's also about having to put in hard work to earn something. For Tallulah, she must practice ballet and work for her tutu even though she thinks she deserves it NOW. We live in a society where a lot of kids want and sometimes even demand immediate rewards. It was refreshing to talk about how we shouldn't focus on what we get but what we are gaining on the inside from being dedicated and committed to something. Reading books about patience is a great way to familiarize children with this value.

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  1. My daughter just got this book at the library and we love reading it together!