Book Review: Some Days Are Lonely

Author: Young-Ah Kim
Illustrator: Ji-Soo Shin
Interest Level: Ages 4 and Up

Book Description: Loneliness is a common emotion in both children and adults. As the bear progresses through the story, he experiences loneliness like stormy weather. By the end of the story, the storm has cleared and a rainbow comes out, signifying the transience of uncomfortable or unwelcome emotions. Creative activities for kids and a "Note to Parents" are included.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: I'd like to use this book in a couple of ways: 1)to teach kids about the feeling of loneliness and how to overcome it and 2)to help children recognize when others are feeling down and how to help them out of a cloudy feeling. Helping kids be in touch with their empathetic heart is very important to me.

A few pages show the bear curled up looking sad: 

I have a few stuffed bears I plan on putting in this same body position. I think it's really powerful for them to see this visual and even hold the bear when he is curled up.

But then I had another therapy idea. This guy:

I think using this Care Bear (Cheer Bear) to talk about coping skills and how to turn the gloom around will be super helpful/visual to kids. The rainbow visual is what really sold me. The book reminds kids that when clouds pass - a rainbow might appear. If I remember right there is also a Care Bear with a sun on it - you could use that one too. Some Days Are Lonely really helped me dig into my creative counselor side. Just reading the story is not enough. You gotta really go for it. Another very healing book. Yes! 

PS. The activities on the back pages are EXCELLENT:
-If your heart were like the weather, what kind of weather would it be today?
-The window is open. If a friend would come by, happy to see you, which friend would you like to see? Draw that friend's face in the window.

A Link To This Book and Others You Might Find Helpful:

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  1. Looks like you've discovered yet another gem for my shelves. Thanks! It looks adorable ... and I love your Cheer Bear, too!