Book Review: Papa's Backpack - A Tribute to the Bond Between a Child and Military Parent

Author: James Christopher Carroll
Interest Level: Ages 6 and Up

From the Book Jacket: When a soldier has to leave his or her family for extended service, it's an emotional time for all involved. It can be especially confusing and upsetting for children, who long for the comfort and security of a parent's presence. 

Papa's Backpack honors the bond between a parent/soldier and a child, and acknowledges the difficult and emotional process of separation during deployment. A young bear cub dreams of accompanying Papa when he leaves on a mission, wanting to stay close to provide comfort and moral support, so that ultimately the two might overcome adversity together. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: If you are looking for a healing book to help children cope with military deployment - this is it. Papa's Backpack is absolutely beautiful. There is a longing to be with a parent when you are separated. Put the stress and fear of the parent being in a war situation and I can only imagine what a child might be feeling. Children need affirmation from the adults around them. I also think this would be a great classroom read aloud - it really stirred up a lot of empathy in me for families who are going through this. I am amazed by their strength and bravery. A favorite find for sure.  

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