Book Review: Living with Mom and Living with Dad

Author/Illustrator: Melanie Walsh
Interest Level: Ages 4 and Up

About This Book: Her parents don't live together anymore, so sometimes the child in this book lives with her mom and cat, and sometimes with Dad. Her bedroom looks a little different in each house, and she keeps some toys in one place and some in another. But her favorite toys she takes with her wherever she goes. In an inviting lift-the-flap format saturated with colorful illustrations, Melanie Walsh visits the changes in routine that are familiar to many children whose parents live apart, but whose love and involvement remain as constant as ever.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: I have a few books on my shelf that are similar to this one but what makes this one extra special are the lift-the-flaps. Very creative and engaging! This book is done so well. I'm so happy to add it to my list of recommendations for families. The ending is also very supportive of the child. "My mom and dad love me a lot, and so does everyone else in my family." There are a bunch of pictures of all sorts of family members who care about the child. Very well done!

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