Book Review: Most People

Author: Michael Leannah
Illustrator: Jennifer E Morris

About This Book: Sometimes the world can seem scary, it's true. But most people are good people, just like you. Anxious adults want children to be aware of dangers, but shouldn't kids be aware of kindness too?

Young children hear adults talking, they see things on TV, and they're sometimes left thinking that the world is a place full of dangers and bad feelings. Yes, children need to be careful of strangers, but they also need to know that most people are good, kind, and helpful, and one of the great delights in life is reinforcing that knowledge through our daily interactions with others. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: With all of the violence and chaos that seems to surround us more and more in the world, I was so happy to see this beautiful book. It's a reminder to us and our children that there are more good people then bad people in this world. Most people are good people. It's so easy to get focused on the things that scare us. Lets remember to set our hearts on minds on all the helpers around us. This is a comforting book to pull of the shelf when times seem uncertain and scary.  

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