Book Review: A Whale of a Mistake

Author/Illustrator: Ioana Hobai

From the Book Jacket: When you make a really, really big mistake, it can make you feel stuck or weigh you down or even swallow you whole! After a girl is carried away by her whale of a mistake, she feels adrift. What if she can't escape and the whale swims out to sea with her forever? What if this is her life now? But as her journey continues, the world around her, including a sky of shooting stars and even the whale itself, helps her explore all the feelings that come with making mistakes and learning to let them go. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This is a great book about not letting your mistake control or stop you from what you are trying to accomplish. The little girl in the story feels she can never escape her terrible mistake. Eventually she is brave enough to let it go and she watches it fade away. This is a terrific message for children to validate the feelings that come with a mistake but to encourage them to move on from their mistake. We are not our mistakes!

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