Book Review: Martha Doesn't Say Sorry!

Author: Samantha Berger
Illustrated by Bruce Whatley
Interest Level: 4-8

About This Book: This is the story of Martha, an otter, and under NO circumstance, will say she’s sorry. But, then she realizes that her lack of remorse deprives her from things she loves like piggyback rides and cookies, she finally succumbs to sorry. Most parents want their kids to really feel sorry and apologize, but sometimes it requires strategic withholding to send the message. Message received loud and clear!

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Too many kids say sorry as lip service. I am a strong believer in not only saying sorry, but more importantly to feel sorry. It's all about empathy and being social thinkers. I often tell kids that when you tell someone you are sorry - it's like giving them a gift. The number one way to teach children how to give that gift is to model it yourself. It also helps to have a good reinforcing book like this one. Martha is a spunky little otter that will definitely remind you of behavior you might be seeing at home. There are not many books out there on the skill of apologizing, so this is worth reading with your child. Our kindergarten kids love it. Parents Magazine offers some good advice, on learning to say sorry.

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