Book Review: My Mother's House, My Father's House

Author: C.B. Christiansen
illustrated by Irene Trivas
Interest Level: K-3

About The Book: A little girl tells how she lives with her mother during the week and her father on the weekends. . . . The girl feels comfortable and at home in both places, but has definite ideas about how she will live when she grows up.

Why It's On The Bookshelf: This is a common situation for many children who go back and forth between parents. Or as one student said to me, "They share me." In my school, this book is very popular with children of divorce. They relate to the little girl in the story and are able to share what their 'back and forth' looks like and feels like. If it gets kids to open up about their lives, I feel like it's a winner. My Mother's House, My Father's House offers validation and hope. I say hope because of the last page in this book. The little girl has a vision of growing up and having her own home one day and not having to go back and forth anymore. It's an older book.....but a good one. I'm not always impressed with divorce bibliotherapy, but this one will never leave my shelf.

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