Book Review: One of Those Days

Author: Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Illustrator: Rebecca Doughty

Interest Level: Ages 5-11

About This Book: Rosenthal enumerates ways in which a child's happiness can be squelched by a rotten day. The array of mishaps includes sibling and friendship problems, disappointing birthdays, itchy clothing, misplaced belongings, and self-doubt. Each unwelcome incident warrants a special designation. There's a Keep Spilling Stuff Day, a Nobody's Listening To You Day, a Gutter Ball Day, and a Not Big Enough Day. This succinct book is not a story but an imaginative list of calamities that culminates predictably with the promise that all bad days lead to a new dawn.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Sometimes I notice kids walking around school in sort of a slump. This book has helped me as a counselor to reach out to those students. Just like adults, kids sometimes have really hard days. One of Those Days comforts and validates children. I love to say to kids, "Hey, looks like you are having one of those days." They know exactly what I am talking about because we are using a phrase we know and have learned about. It's a great way to help kids figure out some coping skills to handle hard times.

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