Book Review: Someday

Author: Eileen Spinelli
illustrated by Rosie Winstead
Interest Level: Ages 5-10

About This Book: Children will savor each page of this delightful book that alternates between Someday and the present. Goldie dreams of a busy future as an archaeologist, an animal scientist, an Olympic gymnast, and more. On the alternate pages she enjoys being a kid and hones the skills that she will need to achieve those goals–digging, counting, cartwheels–all those things that look like playing. Winstead's stylish art is a perfect fit for the whimsical text. The adorable little girl is all spindly limbs, buck-teeth, and flyaway hair, even in her dreams of adulthood. Observant readers will have fun comparing and contrasting the background elements in the someday/right now pairs of pages as they read this empowering book again and again.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: I love this book. The cover really grabbed me and I read the first page and was sold:

Someday I am going to be a great artist. I will wear a blue smock. I will carry my paints to the beach to paint the sea. A very rich person will offer to buy my painting for two million dollars. But I will smile. And I will say: "I'm sorry, this painting is not for sale. It is a gift for my art teacher." Someday...

Okay, don't you love that?? Kids LOVE this book and it is uplifting and fun to read to them. If you want to encourage children to dream with unending imagination, find a spot for it on your bookshelf! Students had a lot of fun talking about their Somedays.

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