Book Review: Freda Stops a Bully

Author/Illustrator: Stuart J Murphy
Book Website: I See I Learn
Interest Level: K-2

From the Book Jacket: Freda loves her new pink shoes. But when she wears them, a boy at school teases her. What can Freda do to make the bully stop?

Why It's On My Bookshelf: We are really trying to steer kids away from running straight to an adult when they are dealing with a put down. Instead we want them to first try and handle it themselves if it falls under the category of small stuff. We do a lot of teaching about the difference between a small and big problem. Freda Stops a Bully offers some great strategies for kids to shutdown the beginnings of a bully problem on their own. This book is DEFINITELY going to be a great tool to empower our kindergarten through second grade students. Check out the problem solving steps below. 


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  1. I just found you through Pinterest. I LOVE books! So excited to read your reviews on many books I have never seen! :)

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  3. This looks like a great book! I like that it teaches students what to do on their own first. Bullying has become such a buzz word around my school that every time someone's feelings get hurt they want to get an adult involved. Although we teach the difference between bullying and interpersonal conflicts it's hard to get the message across. I will definitely check it out.