Book Review: The Peace Rose


Written and Illustrated by Alicia Jewell
Interest Level: Ages 3 and Up

About This Book: A peace book for children ages 3 and up, introducing the skill of solving problems with the use of a peace rose. This book consists of three every-day problem-solving vignettes, modeled with clear, simple language, and contains sixteen beautiful full-color illustrations of the children involved. The Peace Rose encourages the independent and peaceful resolution of difficulties between children in a classroom, at home, or anyplace where children gather. At the end, a three page Teachers Guide helps the adult to model and encourage use of the peace rose.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: I wish I would have purchased this book a LONG LONG time ago. It's so simple and easy for children to understand. It's going to work great for teaching kids how to communicate their feelings using I-Statement language. Having kids use a rose to pass back and forth as they talk to each other is such a wonderful act of peace and friendship. And now that I have a Peace Table in my counseling room - I can help kids use this process to solve conflicts. I'm so happy about this book!

A Link to This Book:

Take a look at the Peace Table/Break Area I have been putting together this year......

Believe You Can Sign: HERE
How Are You Feeling/Reflection/Take A Break Signs/Calming Cards: HERE
Lamp, Pillows, Blue Rug, Basket: IKEA
Sand Tray: Amazon
Only One You Puppet: Amazon
Feelings Books: I will blog about these soon!


  1. Oh how I wish I could sit at your Peace Table!! Thanks for the lead on this one ... I do believe I'll go to Barnes and Noble in search of it tonight.


    1. I bought mine off Amazon through a 3rd party Montessori company. I usually don't spend $16 on a book if I can help it but this one just is so worth it! I cannot wait to get started on conflict resolution this year!!!!

    2. Yeah, Barnes and Noble reps tell me it's out of print, so they can't get it. Off to Amazon I go. Thanks!!

  2. FYI - the signs from Teaching in Progress are no longer free on TPT is $4.00 (still worth it!)

    1. Agreed! I've bought a few things off TPT and this one was a must.

  3. Ashlee Stalling17 September, 2013

    That is an awesome ide of the "Peace Table". I wish there could be those everywhere so kids could learn some peaceful alternatives to resolving problems. I took at look at your books lists as well, there are a few there I am going to look a little closer at! I am doing some early Christmas shopping. I want to recommend The Reindeer Keeper and The Snowman Maker by Barbara Ward, Those are some great seasonal books, be some nice quiet reading time with the kiddos!

  4. I'm really going to need this book. Thank you!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  5. I love your Peace Table! What a great idea to have a special space for kids to problem solve.
    And thanks for the Take Break shout out:)

    Teaching in Progress