Bibliotherapy Book Bin Labels (free download)

In the fall, I moved from an office to a classroom. The beginning of the school year was  crazy busy and did not leave a lot of time to get organized. So my books all went onto the shelves but not in any particular order. It's been on my To Do List to create a new system with baskets and labels. Recently a teacher was looking for books on perseverance. We went through all my books trying to find specific titles. It took us forever! So enough was enough - time to put my new organization system into action! Of course, the labels needed to be AMAZING looking. They turned out BEAUTIFUL. My books are special to me so I feel such pride when I walk into my classroom and see them displayed with such love - thanks to my new lovely labels.

So if you want to get your books organized and need new labels - just download them from my Teachers Pay Teachers store HERE  

I used this Gratitude print to display books showing this character trait. These prints will soon be available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Until then, enjoy your new book bin labels.


  1. What a wonderful gift! Thank you. Your blog is one of my favorites. GREAT job!!!

  2. Love this! Thank you for sharing your TPT book bin labels! Also, where did you find your clear plastic bins?

  3. Thanks for this! Where did you get your wooden book stands?