Book Review: The Day Dad Joined My Soccer Team

By: Maureen Fergus and Mike Lowery

From the Book Jacket: When Coach asks for a parent volunteer to help with the team, Dad is excited. He runs to the bench, pulls on a jersey and...completely forgets his manners. Dad complains about having to play defense (BORING) and thinks playing soccer is all about WINNING. He kicks practice balls everywhere and throws a HAIRY FIT when things don't go his way. Dad is NOT a team player! 

In this hilarious role reversal, a young boy's patience is tested as he desperately tries to teach his dad how to behave on the field. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: Once in awhile I have teachers ask me to come in and help teach and reinforce good sportsmanship when things seem to be escalating on the playground. I was so happy to see this new title. I don't have a lot of picture books on sportsmanship and this one is a winner! It's engaging and really helps show the difference between a poor sport and a team player. If you have a kiddo who is stomping off during a game or throwing a big fit over not winning - this one is sure to help you!

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