Book Review: When Sadness Is at Your Door

Author/Illustrator: Eva Eland

From the Book Jacket: Sadness can be confusing and overwhelming at any age. When Sadness Is at Your Door provides a sensitive look at a very familiar feeling. 

This simple yet important book portrays Sadness as an unwelcome guest but one that can be managed with a face and a shape, Sadness can be seen as a part of one's true self. Providing practical ways to address this emotion - such as sitting quietly, doing an activity you love, or taking a walk.

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This book has ACTUAL strategies and ideas at the end of the book that are realistic and might also invite the reader to create their own list. I love how it ends with a reminder that tomorrow is a new day. Sadness does not have to be a forever feeling. I've had quite a few parents seek advice from me lately on how to help their children with a fixed mindset - often times they comment on the sadness their child feels. I will be recommending this book as a helpful resource. It's a good one. 

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