Book Review: The Koala Who Could

Author: Rachel Bright
Illustrator: Jim Field

From the Book Jacket: Sometimes a little change can open your world to BIG possibilities. Kevin the koala love every day to be the same, where it's snug and safe. But when change happens, will Kevin learn all the joys that come with trying something new.  

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This is a great resource for overcoming fear and worry when faced with a new challenge. Kevin is terrified that he is going to fall from the tree so he remains stuck and won't come down. But the tree actually ends up falling down thanks to a woodpecker. So Kevin actually does fall. And even though that was his fear - he realized he was JUST FINE and nothing bad happened to him. Sometimes kids get stuck in their thoughts and this is a good example of how even if a worry comes true - you can cope with it! Loved this one. 

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