Book Review: STAND Series on Bullying

About This Book: Even a good kid can struggle with being a bully. Find out what Ezekiel, Blake and Sarah do when they realize their actions are hurting others. 
About This Book: Together we can take a STAND against bullying by speaking up and being kind. Lucas, Faith and Leo become heroes when they gather their friends to Stand Together Against Bullying.

About This Book: Standing up to bullies is not an easy thing to do. Miriam, Liam and Yong learn from their parents' advice how to peacefully resolve their bullying problems. 

Why They Are On My Bookshelf: This is a great three-part series that addresses bullying form multiple points of view. I do a lot of bully prevention in my school and am happy to have these books as part of my toolbox to help kids overcome bullying. Each book contains three stories with an awesome Think Talk About guide that opens the door to more critical thinking and discussion. HIghly recommend this resource!

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