Book Review: Henry and Bea

Author/Illustrator: Jessixa Bagley

From the Book Jacket: Henry and Bea have always been inseparable...until one day Henry suddenly stops talking to Bea. He won't chat with her in class, and he won't sit with her at lunch. Bea can tell something's going on, and she's determined to find out what it is. 

Then, during a class field trip to a farm, Henry finds something...something that makes it impossible for him to keep his feelings inside anymore. And even though it's hard for them both, Bea is there for Henry, as his best friend, no matter what. 

Why It's On My Bookshelf: This was my favorite book this past year. It is such a beautiful story on being a supportive friend. Henry's cat dies and he is suffering in silence. Bea shows how important it is to continue to be a caring force even when we don't know what is wrong. Eventually it comes to light what has happened to his cat and Bea validates his feelings "it's hard to lose a friend." She respects his need to grieve in private by not sharing with the class his feelings. There are many books on losing pets but this is the first one showing us how to be a caring friend in the process. Loved it!

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